Lecturer Go Wan Lick Student Stew To Take Score Them? #TalkYaOwn

As di mata dey be now, many many pipo don get differen differen opinion abat di new documentri wey BBC just release, dem title di documentri SEX FOR GRADES.

Dis documentri don scatter internet, as two lecturers yansh don open, one na from Ghana and di other one na Dr Boniface Igbeneghu wey be Lecturer for UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS Akoka for di faculty of arts, don shit for church sote di mata don reach di extent wey be say di man don dey consider to commit suicide sef.
Dis man, wey be Dr Boniface na pastor for Foursqure Church Nigeria sef, and as di mata be now, Fouraquare don give di man sack letter say him no be dia pastor againooo.

Area Ten Enter Street, go as pipo wetin dem tink abat di mata.

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