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Joeboy & Kizz Daniel don taya for Naija Babes

Joeboy & Kizz Daniel don tire for Naija Babes

Naija babes wahala don too mush, you go see girl wey di MAMA name am Ngozi, she go come Lagos stay 2 months begin dey live fake life tok say her name na Stephanie Simeone Damascus.

We nor dey even sabi real from fake again, because if dis babes mix cream rub am finish, dem dey nearly fresh pass oyibo sef, di only time wey kasala go bust na wen pepper no too rest, and moni no dey to buy di creams again, na dat time dia knuckle go black pass middle of yansh.

I don dey tink as I go take show all dis girls pepe, but I neva see, I been dey tink say na only me dey tink dis mata, but e be like say no be only meooo, as many of our Naija Musicians sef don reason di mata, but I go mention only two.


Chai, Joyboypondeck! as dem dey call am, na one of di hot new artistes wey dey reign now, di guy dey sing no be small, di mata of Naija Babes taya Joeboy sotey di guy call Mayorkun, dem com enter studio sing dis song wey dem dey call “DON’T CALL ME BACK”. Di song na song wey be say if any girl or woman or babe wey dey do shakara hear am, her brain go reset.

Mek we look some of di lyrics:

“Just let me know if
You no wan do again
I no go disturb you
I no go stress you
Just let me know
If you no wan do again
I no go disturb you
I no go stress you

But don’t call me back o
Don’t call me back
When you see say I don dey with another person baby
Don’t call me back o
I’m not coming back
When you see say I dey with another kele
Baby don’t call me back”

Dis kind words go sabi pain girls ehn, mek pesin dey tell girl say no call me back wen you see say I don dey wit anoda baby, and d tin be say girls must call back, especially wen Christmas time or valentine reach.

Di part wey dey sweet me pass na dis part wey Joeboy tok say:
“Even if you call e no go connect
Cause I no go dey
I no do again make you forget
Come another day”

Dis one dey burst brain, Joeboy dey make di babe know say, if she say she wan use stubbornness still call, di call no go connect, chai dat one deep, meaning say Joeboy don block di babe number troway.

Naija girls mek una change na, wetin una do Joeboy wey mek am write dis kind song. Chai!

Anyway, mek una watch di “DON’T CALL ME BACK” Video for here.

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Kizz Daniel sef dey vex for Naija babes wey too dey do yanga too mush, where Kizz Daniel own take wicked no be small, na wen him yab dem yanga girls say shey na until dia bobbi touch dia belle na him dem go marry? Infact dat one off me.

See some of di lyrics of di song PAK ‘N’ GO:

“Ol’omoge, biggy-biggy (Biggy)
When will you marry eh?
Until your bobby touch your belle oh?

Weh man no wan collect
Take am easy oh, lele, yeye
So if you call am isi’ewu and she say you no buy shawarma
Park and go
And if you buy am okrika and she say she want the Gucci oh
Park and go
Park and go”

Naija Babes, mek una try change small na, Naija guys don dey vexooo, and even di celebs follow join for di vex.

Mek una watch Pak & Go video.

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